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What are our group training sessions...

'Workout of the day' - A 45 minute to one hour workout putting you through your paces with a combination of strength, conditioning and circuit style training. There is variety across the week and no session is the same!

HIIT - High Intensity interval Training! We will get your heart rate up during these fast and furious classes!

Kettlebells - Kettlebells offer a different kind of training experience using ballistic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness such as muscular endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance. We'll swing, squat, clean, press, row, plus a ton of core training within one class.
Strength - This class will have you working through a six week strength cycle covering squats, deadlifts, upper body presses and upper body pulls. You will get the chance to use the rig to aid your lifting and learn some new skills as you work through quality movements. Expert coaches will be there help you along the way so get ready for some gains!
Turbobox - Fast paced and fun! 45 minute Boxing and body weight conditioning class was made to get your sweat on! TurboBox involves lots of different interactive activities such as: hitting and kicking punch bags, body weight exercises and core work.

Circuits - Circuit training is a powerful training method. It works your whole body for an awesome metabolic boost. The session is generally based around a number of stations and at each station you have a different exercise to perform with a variety of different kit across the stations. You do each exercise for a specified time then move on to the next with a specific amount of rest. Because the class is structured to work by yourself you can train regardless of fitness levels or strength. Making a great class for everyone.

Please ensure you only book what you can attend, un-book yourself if you can't make it with plenty of time for someone else to see the spot.

Monthly Membership gives you access to book into any session any day for only £60 per month!
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