Whether you want to work on strength, power, speed, fitness, conditioning, confidence, new skills, or improve your body composition. Over 30 group coached sessions per week by awesome coaches.


We've created a fun, challenging and friendly atmosphere for you to get the most out of your training, to get the results you want.

We're not a globo gym: we plan, coach and deliver your sessions with passion. You won't be left to figure out what to do, or have no-one to ask questions too. Our coaches are here to lead you all the way and make sure you get an awesome workout!

Based in the countryside, but close to Wokingham, Binfield and Bracknell, plenty of fresh air on tap, loads of parking, and the option to train outside when we have great weather. 

Our focus is not on membership numbers – but on our member’s results. So sign up to your first week free so you can decide for yourself.

We offer:

- Circuit Training

- Strength And Conditioning

- Boxing

- Kettlebell Training

- High Intensity Interval Training

- Yoga

Read more about our class types here.

Put all those misconceptions about gyms out of your mind, and join a community of people that transform their lives through health and fitness.



Our Group Training classes allow you to get started at your own pace. It doesn’t matter how fit you are; begin your journey in a way that is suited to you. It’s often much easier to commit to a challenge when you have people around you spurring you on - all for only £55 per month.


Anthony K

I have been coming to BBF for just over a year now and do a weekly kettlebell class and PT with Anna.  On occasion i will throw in the odd other session. I don't live locally otherwise I would do more. 


Everybody is hugely friendly and the classes are varied and enjoyable and allow you to work at your own level.  The classes and equipment allow you to challenge yourself and there is no need to fear being a newbie as everything will be explained and help on technique freely supplied.

Rowena K

BBF is simply the best place I have ever trained. The team are second to none, and the community of like-minded individuals is all you need to get you through the door. My days of step machines and treadmills at a traditional gym are well and truly behind me.

To be clear, I’m not a fitness geek or marathon junkie – in fact, I hate running (!) – but that doesn’t stop me wanting to take the best care I can of myself – and feel a true sense of achievement each and every time I enter the former chicken shed! Whether it’s getting just one more rep, trying something I never thought possible for the first time, doing something my head has told me no to for weeks, or simply getting through a class and still being able to stand and tell the tale, I don’t know what I’d do without it.

It takes an awesome team of individuals to encourage, inspire and motivate day in day out and that is exactly what you get at BBF.  A truly passionate team who are friendly, approachable and who genuinely care about you. 

Sarah G-S

I joined BBF in May 2017 after a recommendation from a friend.  I have been a member at a couple of gyms previously and always given up after a couple of visits mainly due to lack of enthusiasm and not knowing what to do once I got there. 


BBF is not like any other gym I have been to.  It has a great family feel and Anna and her team are dedicated to each person’s needs and abilities and are passionate in helping you get what you want out of each visit. 


BBF has given me the encouragement I needed to get off the sofa and improve my health and fitness, I have even signed up to take part in two sporting events in 2018.

Thank you to Anna and your team for changing my life!!

Jason H

For the best part of 20 years I’d done very little in the way of exercising. This was partly down to my own laziness but largely down to the fact that me & gyms really don’t get on well.


I’d always found them uncomfortable & intimidating until I found BBF.  Box Bell Fit really is like no other. There’s a real sense of togetherness & community & is the only gym where I’ve ever felt comfortable.


Everyone pushes & encourages everyone else regardless of fitness levels & less than a year later it feels like my second home. I never thought I’d enjoy exercising as much as I do now. 



We are passionate about what we do and the trust you are showing in us. We’ll push you as hard as you need, offer alternatives if necessary and evolve your skills and technique to get the most out of the session.

We are real people that understand how things in life can get in the way. The team are vastly experienced and cover achievements such as Professional International Kettlebell Sport athletes on the England Team, an ex-England Ladies Rugby team player, ex-boxer, a martial arts enthusiast, several marathons between them, OCR races, CrossFit style event athletes, Yoga instructor, and they all love a good takeaway ... so you're in good hands!

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